The Other World


Pagi tadi bangun je tidur aku rasa macam pelik. I stare blankly at my husband yang memang originally tgh sedap tidur and straightly I went to the toilet.

Apa yang aku fikir adalah macamana hidup aku untuk hari nih dan apa akan jadi untuk esok. But the truth is only Allah knows.


I lost my cousin yesterday after she has been struggling with her stage 4 breast cancer for about 2 years. Allah has a very nice plan when the doctor said she only has 3 months to go about 2 years ago, but then she survived for quite a long time, especially she was a stage 4 cancer patient.

She left her husband and 3 kids behind.
She left her siblings behind.
She left her relatives behind.
And of course, she left her very bestfriend behind.

One thing for sure, she left a lot of good memories with us.

May she rest in peace.

Al-Fatihah for Almarhumah Zurina binti Mohd Sali (46 years old).
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