My Baby's Daddy

Alhamdulillah, I survived the first trimester ! :P

This is our conversation few months ago ;

"B, nanti dah ada anak nak anak kita panggil kita apa?"

"Sayang nak anak kita panggil kita apa?"

"Panggil Mummy lah sebab dah biasa Queen dengan Danish panggil Mummy. Hehe."

"B taknak lah anak kita panggil B daddy."


"B nak anak kita panggil B ayah sebab B takde peluang nak panggil ayah B 'Ayah'. So B nak rasa bila anak sendiri yang panggil 'Ayah' "

I was all speechless. Sebak to be exact.
He lost his father when he was a baby. 10 months old to be exact.
His father died in a car accident.

So I totally understand the feeling.

He always told me that he was grateful to have my father as his father-in-law because sometimes he really feels the father's love around.

Masa makan berbuka puasa at Vistana Hotel, KL. With my girlfriends, of course. Hehe.

And I'm sure, he will be the best daddy to my kids in the future.

Just like my father.


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