#Random : Nothing much

Dear Fax machine,

Please don't be mad at me. I know, I know.
You saw me for the hundredth times today.
But what can I do?
Fiancee has to find a new job.
Well, for *ehem* our new life in the future.



I have completed all my tasks today. God, it's really tiring when you have to look at your computer 24 hours.

I miss shopping damn much. You see, when you have a job, you have to be more responsible la kan? I mean less spend on the unnecessary things. It's not like I have 5-figures salary. I have a lot of things to pay every months ; and not to forget, I am getting married. So, yes, money is everything to me.

Maybe I should start a business (duhhh~). But why not? I can have extra money every month, right? Thus, I can meet my darling, Shopping Mall, like what? Errrr, twice a week maybe? ^__^

I have browsed this online shop ever since this morning. It's like a dream to buy one of the shawl (in this hujung bulan period) though it does not cost me much actually. What can you say, RM30 for a beautiful shawl? Ahh, I cannot resist it.

Yes, it's 5.30 pm already. This is just a entertainment post for my darling, Rose.

p/s : Hey babe ! Good luck with the sick people tonight ! :)

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