Handbag Oh Handbag!

I couldn't help myself from being extremely depressed.

You see, I've been using a Charles & Keith handbag, a gift from my dearest so-called twin ; Din, for about one and a half year. And I love the bag so much.

I brought it everywhere ; to the class (back in UiTM), to the job interview, meeting with client (when I've started working), dating with Fiancee, to the office and even TO THE SITE!

But, at this point, I am so much frustrated with myself because the bag has turned into a.............. let just see by yourself okay? T___T

And I don't afford to buy a new one!

The bag is getting older. :'(

When I opened up the bag, there is always habuk kelabu and I have to clean it always. *double sad*

Berjangkit dah. :(

Poor my bag, aite?

So I did my October budget tonight.
UNFORTUNATELY, I can't allocate any budget on a new handbag.

We have planned to buy all the hantaran items one by one starting from this month. And I don't want to eat nasi-gaul-ikan-masin for the rest of the month.

Hmmmm maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
I need a new job? Or a sugar-daddy? *cough*

Excuse me, Fiancee. :P

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