Ramadhan : Day 2

1. I was having a splendid 'berbuka' feast yesterday. Been invited to Boyfriend's aunty's house. So, makan dengan kadar tahap kenyang melaut. ^___^ Alhamdulillah. :)

2. Was super duper busy today. Been here and there for the whole day. Site visit in Dang Wangi and stucked in the massive traffic congestion for about 2 hours in KL and then I took all my stuff before headed to Putrajaya for a document submission. (Balik rumah awal hari ini! :P)

3. Went to Bazaar Ramadhan with Cici and looking for something. Nothing much, so, I just bought Nasi Kerabu. :) And my housemate did a great job with Mee Hailam on the table today. :)

4. Have to make sure that I will not escape the Terawikh prayer today. I was so tired last night and could not perform one. So, I'll try my best today! :)

5. Looking forward for this weeked. Berbuka puasa with my parents in Melaka and something new! :)

Photo editing for my brand-new-dark skin. :P

Happy fasting people! :)

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