I was chasing after Queen here and there when my phone rang twice.

Missed calls :

ROSE (2)

I just ignored the missed calls for a while until I realized, "Ohh hari nih results Rose keluar!"

Totally forgot about it.


So, I called her again and voila! ; heard her EXTRAORDINARY HAPPY voice screaming and exclaimed she passed her test! So, now, she's officially becoming A DOCTOR YAWWW! :)) InsyaAllah.

She's one of my favourite girls and I'm so happy for her right now.

I'll try my best to attend your convocation day next Friday, okay? Seriously, this is not a shocking news. HAHA. Sebab aku tahu kau boleh buat. :) Every laugh, every tears and every hardship that you've gone through are totally worth it! You go girl!!



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