Why I love Grey's Anatomy?

I just spent some time with Din at Hakim when my kind boyfriend texted me,

"I'm downloading your Season 7 Grey's Anatomy!"

I smiled while my hand still grabbing the delicious 'Ayam Tandoori'. Hehe.

I love Grey's Anatomy. I was so freaking into this series ever since in UiTM Jengka and every episode I will burst into tears like CRAZY. I don't know why but seriously the TV series will be my top priority other than anything whenever I watch it. :)

There is no favourite character in the series since I love them all. :) In every episode, they will show us a bit about life, relationship with others, friendship and also about your career. And somehow I just realized that the world doesn't resolve around you. There is you and others. You don't have to be selfish. You don't have to be greedy. There is also others that you also have to look up. :)

For example : In one episode, where Derek was shot by a psycho-grieved man, I love the way Christina treats Meredith as she really needs it. That is what we call best friend. You don't claim yourself as a best friend and talks bad things about her. You don't call yourself as a best friend whenever she needs you around you just walked away. You don't call yourself as a best friend when you always claim nobody's right except you. See? That is why I love Grey's anatomy. The friendship? It is real in the series.

They love their career so much. They would do anything in a way to save their career. But in the end, the friendship and the professionalism still remain the same.

Call me lame. I don't care. And I don't even give a damn what other's opinion about the series as long as I like it.

Simple right?

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