When love comes to you, you'll become a completely different person.
You'll become from A to B.

Sometimes you stop yourself from doing what you love to do.
Sometimes you did something stupid that clearly there is no worth to do it.
Sometimes you wait so that the person will turn back to you.
Sometimes even though you know that the love is mean to you, but you keep on waiting.

Sometimes you just...change.

Love does change you.
Love makes you sleep in tears.
Love makes you laugh out loud.
Love makes your life misery.
Love makes your life smile for nothing.
Love treats your life sometimes in a mean way.
Love blooms your heart all the way.
Love spins your life ups and downs.

People said they will do anything for their love.
People would even die for not getting the love that they think they deserve to get.
People happens to be overboard to show their life.
People seems to be generous after being someone that have been loved.
People changes from an angle to be a monster.
People crawls to be an angle after tired and sick of being a beast after they found love.

You love your parents.
You love your spouse.
You love your friends.

And the most important is;
You love your Creator.

And they say that love can be so powerful sometimes,
whenever you find a good one.

It is worth to wait.
Trust me.


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