Everybody has made a mistake. And it is how you admit it and fix it back.

I did a big mistake recently. And it involve with the other party. I can't help myself from feeling guilty over and over again. Everyday I blame myself for doing something that is not right.

It takes me forever gut to admit the mistake and spill it out. Yes, I did. Seriously I deserve some big-fist-on-my-face. And I wished I can tell it right here. There is no point for crying and it is such a laaaameeee excuse. People, please don't cry when you admit your mistake. Some said it is such an annoying act. -__-

I don't know what happen to me recently but I just sit tight at a corner in my room and do nothing. Some event happened to make me realize that I should be thankful for still breathe in this world. Well, for involve with an accident in one day and almost hit by a no lorry control lorry that keep on turning for two times in a middle of federal highway in the next day, it struck me out that I should appreciate whatever I have and keep it well and safe.

still there is nothing that I do to show my appreciation.

I used to love myself. And I should love myself more. I used to know what is the better thing happen to me and I should keep it to myself. Somehow the other way round happen. I love myself but it seems that I don't love-me enough. I don't socializing with the friends, somehow I forgot to take my meal for that particular day and worse I only sleep on my bed and that's make me feel nothing.

Please Lord, what happen to me?

No love in me anymore. Neither of passion. I am helpless.


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