when you're with me

The day seems so long with you

The wind breeze so easily
The night shines so amazingly
The laugh seems so funny

I ask the heart to beat faster when you're around,
so that I have a signal that you'll come by my side
I ask the sun to shines so brightly,
so that I can see your shadow is coming to me
I ask the singer to sing beautifully,
so that I can feel the joy when you're looking at me


People may walk in and walk out from your life
Tears may run down your face and washing away the sadness
Laugh may fill your loneliness
As the heart may beat as faster as it can
while you listen to the...
Birds that may chirp all around you
sing and play...
The music that may express your current feeling


Love comes and go.
But when it comes, it shakes your heart and makes you hardly to breathe.

It's all when you're with me.

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