thanks everyone

This is such a quick entry from me.

For the toughest parents in the world, Mak & Ayah, who always by my side through out every single things in my life, I must say, "You're the reason why I still breathe."

For the family who always makes my life more meaningful, Induk : Kakak : Kak long : Bangah : Nabilah, i must say, "Keep on rockinggg!!" Eheh. :)

For the bestfriends, who always stick with me, wipe all my tears, makes me laugh out loud whenever I felt down, called me every minute to stay up with me, brought joy whenever I felt lost, and not to forget the keeper of me for my family, I must say, *tears* "Thanks."


For the love of my life,

Off to Singapore with a big smile today. Off to Bandung with a big grin.

Jom! :)

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