Have you ever told by someone that they have a secret and you cannot tell anyone about it? Well, as a human being, it is a normal thing that sometimes you cannot keep it by yourself and it will end up with you SECRETLY had to tell someone about it. :)

you are someone that cannot be trusted. Eheh.


Secret is a big word. Later this evening, I have read a friend of mine's status on the Facebook : "Secrecy kills". I stared at her page for a while before I realized that somehow, the status is absolutely right. Secret, I mean, may literally kill people.

How would you classify a thing as a secret or not? How would you know that whenever someone told you about something, it should be a secret and you cannot tell anyone about it? I have been told by someone that if someone told you about something and it is some kind of private things, you are certainly cannot tell someone else about it. Eventhough it is some kind of funny things or not, you are not have a tight to tell it to the others.

I'll give you an example. If a man (let's call him as A) have married with a kind and beautiful woman for about...let's say 15 years. But, at his work place, he's got a new-super-hot secretary aged somewhere in a middle of 20's. And... Slowly, without he realized, he has made a relationship with this new-super-hot secretary without his wife knowing about it.

Without his wife knowing : so I think that it is absolutely a secret. :)

there is a friend who is concerned with A's marriage and told his wife about the whole freaking things. So, there is no secrets i guess. :)

*there is no reason why I put this example. It crossed my mind all of sudden*

Sometimes a few things should keep it as a secret.
Sometimes truth did kill a person from the inside.
Sometimes it is better for everybody's sake to keep it hide from the world.
Well, people did say that the world is a mean place to live, even to breathe.

Secret keeps you different from the others. Sometimes, secret makes you suffocate and you barely can face the reality. But, sometimes secret does save you from the bitter and worse part. That is life right? People are easily jump into a conclusion and sometimes they trust and know you, more that you really do.

Life with a secret is like a tree that has dark foliages. It never been so beautiful.

What a funny life.

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