Semalam saya sangat occupied. Ke sana ke mari untuk uruskan hal keluarga. Ecehh. Memang busy lah.

Malam seawal pukul 12 tengah malam saya da masuk tidur. I mean memang tidur tahap yang nyenyak habis lah. Tiba-tiba saya sedar saya tengah kat tempat lain. It's like I knew and familiar with the place but I can't recall where is it.

I met someone. Where I should say I saw someone. And I barely avoiding myself from talking to that person. I'm afraid.

I ran as fast as I can until I found a shelter. The mind keep on telling me to go inside. I was confused all over myself whether I should go inside or not. But somehow, I chose to walk in the shelter.

It was dark. I can feel that the person still keep on chasing after me. I have to find something that can help me to hid away from that person. As I turned back, a hand grabbed me abruptly until I have fallen behind a closet.

I knew the face and I even knew that person. There were two persons that I want to run away and this one, this is the BIGGEST reason why I want to faint at that moment.
I cried.

As I woke up,
I can feel tears are running down my face.

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