Love is something that you cannot force to have it. When you're in love with someone, you just started to do a lot of stupid things. That is the miracle of love.

Love is something that you cannot see. But, you do can feel love. Whenever you feel that love is somewhere surrounds you, you will blessed.

Love is something that potentially can make you cry. You are being so sensitive with the person that you're in love with. You are easily to laugh and even you are easily to cry and even getting hurt.

Love is something extravaganza.
You'll never know what is the person you are becoming until you are realize that you're in love.
Love can make you be a better person and even worse from that.
And it even can make you are hard to breathe because you're hurt.

the only truly LOVE is from Allah.
that's the ever lasting one
you'll never get hurt
you can cry as much as you want
you can be so grateful for whatever you have
nobody can judge you better than Allah

Allah knows what is the best for you.

Don't feel despair.
Happiness is around you.

And as for me?
Let Allah decides what is the best for me.


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