when a girl likes you

A little tips that I'd like to share with you guys. Haha.

when a girl likes you, she will do some moves to attract you. Just like :

1. She will laugh at your boring conversation. She will even giggle a lot because she thinks whatever you're saying is funny.

(Silly girl. Haha)

2. You have to watch for any signs of flirting. Normally, most girls do not want to be so obvious. :)

3. She will "accidentally" bumps into you for more often. Buat buat serempak ke. :)

4. Observe how she looks into you. If you glanced at her and saw that she was staring at you, you're right. She likes you. :)

5. Observe her friends. If you saw her friends looking at you with smiling and giggling to each other, it means she told her friends about you. Her friends might be teased her about both of you. And she will say,

"Jangan lah kacau. Kawan je tuh. Bukan ada apa-apa pon". Konon-konon marah. :) Then you will know that she likes you. :)

6. Look on how she reacts. Sometimes, a girl will purposely to be really bad at something and say she might not be able to do that. It means she's waiting for your help.

Indeed, she likes you.

7. She might find a thousand reasons to spend her time with you.

Her car might break down and she had to go somewhere and needed your help, she was hungry and asked you to go out, she was bored all alone and want to talk with you and somehow she was even called you in the middle of the night to ask for a favor.

A girl who's in love always do some stupid things. :)

look around guys. Kalau ada perempuan yang tengah cuba-cuba macam nih, die suka korang la tuh. Haha.

Give them a chance maybe. :)

p/s : kalau da kahwin jangan buat macam nih okay?! :D

With love,

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