Quick entry

It's 4.27 pm.

and i'm trying so hard to finish up one chapter of my fyp report.
but this f**k-ing facebook keep on distracting me with a lot of crazy videos.

i'm not in the good mood today.
i shut off my handset so that i won't be talking to a lot of people.
except to whom that i want to speak to.
poyo kan?
lantak la. handset aku.

*blame my period for this time. aching and aching all the time for the whole body*

i'm losing my weight!
that's the only amazing thing i had since yesterday.
ohh have another one. secret.

went to Pyramid yesterday with Kamal.
went to Za Altera to alter my MNG jeans.
been trying to alter the jeans since few weeks ago but kind of busy.
so berjaya jugak pergi sana semalam.
later that night, we went to Bukit Raja to watch Devil.
we were watching with my 3 bestfriends : Lea, Cuda and Chichi.

ohh i have forgotten.
went to Kak Una's wedding yesterday.
she's so damn pretty. sangat. amat.
cantik gile.
thrill tengok.
pergi dengan Rose, Lea and Akma. :)


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