Love chooses you

Long time ago, I have received this wise words from Kak Una. And at that moment, I was too weak to even stand up by myself and it took me a while to trust everyone and be okay like before.

When I looked at this words, I always told myself that "This is true.". So, whoever reads this, just believe me. Love did choose you. :)


if you find yourself in love with someone, and that someone doesn't love you, be gentle to yourself.. there's nothing wrong with you.. but love just did not choose to rest in that someone's heart..

if you find someone in love with you and you can not answer that love, feel honoured that love has came by and called on your door.. but gently refuse the feeling you can not return, as love did not choose to settle in your heart..

if you find yourself in love with someone and the love returns, it still can happen that the love chooses to leave.. do not try to reclaim it and do not assess any blame.. let it go.. despite the pain, there is a reason and meaning to this.. you can not chooses love by yourself..


Thanks Kak Una. :) Even I am like what you see right now, deep inside me, I am truly blessed with what happened to me. And yes, I am happy and enjoy with my life right now. In a different way. Haha. Thanks a lot Kak Una. :)

With love,

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