another quick thought of mine


let me share with all of you one secret thing.

as i finish up my works just now, some thought crossed my mesy mind.

sometimes it is never about how you decide to live your own life.
it is how you manage and enjoy your life with your own-and-proper way.
sometimes you will see that what you have chosen is not a good thing.
sometimes you are simply not happy with what you have decided.
but don't you ever regret of it.
if you don't happen to see and experience the bad things, how on earth the good things will knock on your door.
sometimes the decision that you have made might seems horrible and sucks.
but looking at the other side,
it is written for you to experience it.

and sometimes, the good things happen to creep slowly in your life.
patience is the key of everything.
one time you're hurt and one time you're happy.
it is about ups and down.
sometimes you're smile and sometimes you're cry.

*smile to the next person of you*

so, live with it.
enjoy your life till the maximum.
appreciate whatever and whoever you have right now.
your family, your friends or even you love ones.

don't be sad.
God with us.



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