when she cried

I was performing my Asar prayer while the phone was rang. Anddd normally I will ignore it as I know that I don't have any important call other than my prayer. EHEH. ;)

But, as I was about to finish my prayer, I heard Lea answered the call,

"Makcik, Begum tengah sembahyang asar"


"Ohh, da nak habis kot. Da nak masuk rakaat last"

*long silence*

Kantoi tak khusyuk. Huhu. But, suddenly;

"Jap eh makcik. Dia tengah tahyat"

Ehh? Why my mom is still on the phone? I was wondered. Normally, she will call me back and hang up the phone first. I started to be so confused.

As I finished my prayer, I took the phone from Lea,

"Mak, sorry. Tengah sembahyang tadi."

she replied with her cries.


I was shocked and do not know what should I do. :(

Mak, sabar eh? Sorry adik tak dapat balik. Hope everything is okay back home. Doakan adik test esok ok Mak? Mak jangan menangis. You're our strength. *tears*


With love,

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