It is never a simple thing to make people pleased with you.
It is impossible to have everything that you want.
You never can force other people to bear with you.
Stick with you.
It is their call to decide.

The world doesn't resolve around you.
There are a lot of people that you have to consider before you want to decide anything.
They are afraid seeing you hurt.
It makes their tears never dry.
People care about you, so please care about yourself.
So respect their feelings.

In a blink eye, people change.
It is the matter of time how you are going to realize it.
Everybody is not going to be around you all the time.
Some people go, with a memorable goodbye.
Some people stay, with a pleasant Hi.
So, moved on.

You did everything that you could.
And you're survive.
But somehow, it takes two people to work things out.
You cannot be alone, doing everything, all the time.
You need the other person.
To hold your back.
To say that it is ok to survive.

If it is not?

You're just not good enough.
Another player in this game.


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