Sorry and Important

Did you know that sorry is the best word to heal the pain? Whether it is your fault or not, just say sorry. There is no harm by saying that. And whether you noticed it or not, you just vanished some of the hatred part in yourself.

So, just say sorry if you are in the middle of a fight or something. You may say that I am stupid if I am saying sorry to the person who causes me a trouble. But, later, there is something about you that you can proud of.

Being a person who hardly to say something face to face, it really takes a lot of gut to tell someone what has really gotten in my mind. So, sometimes I spill it out by sending text messages or maybe write it into something. And it certainly not a diary ok. Hehe. I am afraid that when I express whatever I feel in front of that person’s face, everything going to be a lot of worse. And I guess Im not ready for that.

As I said in my previous entry, it is ok to say “it’s ok”. And it is also ok to feel that you’re important too. But, if you’re not, don’t feel sorry to yourself. It is NOT because you’re not good enough. It is because you are important to people who really care about you. You have your family and your bestfriends to feel that you’re important to them. So, they are the people who really matters to you.

And… If you think you’re nobody to someone else, it is not wrong to express whatever you feel. But, as I observed and learnt from the previous experience, don’t spill it right in front of the person’s face. Things are getting worse. Just keep it to yourself and learn to get used with it. It may sound like hurting yourself, but it will be ok from time to time. Because one thing for sure, I believe that everything will be just fine if you just let it out and go.

And...Say sorry if you’re not important to them.

Some people said that Im stupid for not fighting back. For examples, last week there was a girl called and cursed me in the phone and accused me to steal her bf. She kept on sending text messages and called me names : Biatch, SLUT, Jalang, Muka macam anjing etc. What I did to make this person stop on calling and sending me messages? I ignored her. I read the text messages with a smile. I kept on thinking that little slut was damn funny. Then, I ended up with no calls and text messages from her anymore. NADAA! ;)

Im not fighting back. There is no good for me to fight with someone psycho. But in this kind of situation, I do want to fight back. Argue each little thing. Tonnes of questions that are waiting to be asked. But I just have to stop. I don’t have the right to ask those questions. And I don’t have the guts to argue every single thing because im afraid of losing….losing what I already have.

Wait, do I sound like saying gud bye in here?

As I sat on my bed, typing this post, I was thinking that maybe I was lucky to have my friends in my life. Whenever I did something wrong, they told me to do the right thing. Whenever I cried, they wipe away my tears. Whenever I did something wrong, they taught me to make it right. And whenever I down, they come right beside me and lift me up. And tonight, they taught me how to do whatever it takes to make it right. I failed at the first place. A wise friend of mine told me that I am not losing anything just because I let go of the offend feelings that I have. I guess those words had really touched me. ;)

Tonight, I am not as happy as I used to feel and experience before. I guess Percy Jackson's nite out never made me happy as I used to. And I am trying to adapt with the situation. I am starting to feel that days from now, things will change differently and I need to make myself comfortable with it. Sometimes not every little thing that we are wishing for can happen in our life. Deal with it. Live with it. Breathe with it.

Anyway, sorry and important are related in many things in any way.

Take care.

With love,


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