Not a rough day by the way

I thought yesterday was going to be a rough day.

But it wasn’t.

Sometimes I wonder what God’s plan on me. But I continue to breathe and work on my life with no regret. ;)

Speaking of a rough day, I slept quite late on Wednesday night. Which I haven’t done for a long time. Or to be précised since this semester.

I went out to Jusco Bukit Raja to accompany a good friend of mine who is looking for something. And I volunteered to be the escort since I have quite a rough time few hours before that. Besides, I’ve been thinking this good friend of mine need some a day out with me to talk about his problems. Well, I’m ok with that. And I had so much fun having a day out with him.

I came back home pretty late considering that I am going to have a test yesterday afternoon. And I dunno what has gotten into my mind, but I got into a big argument later that night. Again. Im stressed out by the way. So, to make myself feel better, I read a book and started to study for my test with a feeling of anger and sad and disappointed and down. And I guess most of the feeling can be referred to me. When I opened my eyes, it was 8.30 am and hell yeah, I was running late for my Steel Design class. Luckily, the class had cancelled.

I have a thought that maybe the rest of the day could be a rough day for me.

As I entered the lecture hall to sit for my test, I am all alone. And I am ok with that. I guess Im getting used with it. I sat beside a guy who apparently turns out to be a friend since German Class. He’s funny though… and old. Haha. ;p And as I received the question paper, I smiled. I guess Im going to be ok. Thank God for helping me out. Everything that I read for the whole night was on the paper.

I completed my test 20 minutes later and turns out I was the first person to go out from the lecture hall. And Im not trying to be cocky or whatsoever, but I must say I did my best. Sincerely, I don’t really care about the marks.

I straightly went back home. Pick up the Gardenia and had my lunch. I was planned to skip my Solid class this evening. I don’t want my lecturer see my dummy-stupid face who got zero/0 for his test. That was the stupid and worse day ever. I have never been as stupid as that. I am going to love that subject after this. I owe my parents a good result by the way.

I went to bed at 3.30 pm and as I woke up I’ve been thinking that I maybe got phone calls from a few persons. I kept on brainstorming my good-yet-slow brain to remember who was calling me. Oh yes! I remembered it. I must be having a sleep-talking moment just now. Haha. Anyway, I got two phone calls from two different companies regarding my internship for this becoming semester break. I don’t think that Im in this kind of lucky. I should say that most of my friends doesn’t have a place to do their internship yet. Me? I already got 4 offers.

A good friend of mine called. And I told him about the offers. The least thing that I can do right now is sharing the weird-yet-happy moment to him. I told my bestfriends a.k.a my housemates bout the offer. And to make it more perfect, I told my mom about it. =) I should have told someone bout this, but considering of what had happened, I put it aside. The thought told me that he doesn’t really care.

The day is not a rough day by the way. I should say it is a normal-hard day. ;)

Who say that you should stop to pray? He knows what’s best for you. And I always believe in that.

Have a nice day everybody. =)

With love,


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