It's Ok

Sometimes we're playing with the sentence "It's Ok"
As in a matter of fact, it is really not ok.

I can't do well in my test or quiz or any competition or something.
I'll said "It's ok" for being like that.
I can try later.
But deep inside me, it does matter.
I just want to cover it up or makes me feel better by saying "It's ok"

I lie to other people.
Part of me told me that it is okay to lie.
Just to make sure that I won't get caught.
But, deep inside me, I keep on cursing why I have to lie to others.
Still.. it is not ok.

I cut a conversation by saying "It's Ok"
But some part of me said that it is not ok.
I just cut it off so that things are not going to be worse.
And I just need a break to think that it is my fault for doing that.

I said "It's Ok" to myself.

It's ok to feel sad.
It's ok to be angry at someone.
It's ok to feel happy.
It's ok to be overwhelmed.
It's ok to be flattered with someone.
It's ok to feel not important.
It's ok to be fussy with all around.
It's ok to make small things goes a big matter.
It's ok to feel needed.
It's ok to be someone that comes with the positive and negative part.

But, in real life;
i guess it is NOT OK.

In this world,
It's not all about you. Or me.
It is about us.
How we handle ourselves. Our things.

(I guess Im still trying to say that it's ok to say something like this)

Im sorry for this emotional entries lately.

At this moment;
I may look happy at the outside, but the thing is I don't really know what I want.
Im confused. But not sad.
So, don't put your sympathy on me.
Worry? Hmm maybe you can.

I guess I am such a greedy person in here.
Or not. I just don't know.
Faking it? Yup. Hell, yeah.

Or maybe it is not a big deal.
Im exaggerating it a lil bit.


I need;
my mom right now.
lying on my Dad's lap while listening to his jokes.

God, i need something to chill me out.

Hey u guys!
Again; sorry ya for this emotional entries.

I'll be right back!

With love,

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