I thought I could

Tadi sy YM-ing dengan Farhan. Fir's bestfriend or ex-bestfriend. I can't tell you. :)

At first, sy nak borak2 dengan dia pasal macamane keadaan dia yang baru sampai Aussie semalam. Too bad that I can't meet him before dia pergi Australia to further his study. But, entah macamane he told me that he can reach Fir before dia naik flight semalam.

He was sooo excited dapat contact Fir before dia pergi sana. Da lama he tried to reach him but always failed. And the moment Farhan told me yang dia dapat cakap dengan Fir, automatically air mata sy turun dengan hebat nya.

I thought all dis while, in fact, dalam masa nak masuk setahun nih, I can get over him. Totally. Tapi, I just couldn't kot. Sometimes I can feel that Fir still always ada kat keliling sy. Ironik kan?

God, I miss him so much.

Maybe I should save my tears for something yang worth it.

I guess my mood had ruined tonight.

With love,

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