Im not a good person. Trust me.

So, deal with that.

To those who didn't know me for a long time, there were a lot of things I have been through for last year.
Im not a good actress to pretend that everything was ok.

I've dealt with every single painful things that happened to me.
I did it very well.
I did?
Yes, i did. Quite surprised for someone like Farah Aliaa.

I lose my best friend.
My mate.

So, Im not going to let it happen again.
And Im starting to be;
someone like
Im overprotective to myself.

People asked me. I answered it nicely by saying "No, everything was fine"

They said, "U're the worse actress ever, Farah"
Funny. Seriously.

I kept on silence.

Don't asked me anything, ok friends? I did my best.

I love the beautiful of the friendship.
A lot of people misjudge it. So be it.
I don't really care of other people.
They may say everything's they want.

Im selfish? Yes I am.
Sorry. But I have to. Nobody gonna love myself as much as I do.

Im protecting myself from hurting remember?
Im tired.
I gave up.

I pray for miracles to happen.

I loved the moment that I used to have.

I guess I just miss my friend.

Ego? U can say it.
I am.
I have threw it away as much as I can just for the sake of the relationship.
As a fact that I never did it to another person. Never. What an egoist person am i, right?
But I did.
And I just have to stop it.

please don't asked me anything.
If you see something is wrong, just kept on silence.
Will you?

Try to be like me.

Im speechless.
I don't want to ruin the moment that I used to have.
Im enjoying to remember it now.

Im going crazy I guess.
My life is funny, right?
Im laughing to death right now.
I swear.

Thank You.

With love,

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