A couple of years ago, i have had a terrible backpain yang sampai buatkan sy tak boleh berjalan. I was sleeping at that moment, and when I want to wake up in the middle of the night, I just couldn't. And for once, I have thought that I was disable to walk anymore.

I was admitted in the hospital and doing all sort of test : MRI, blood test etc. I also have had my first physiology experience. :)

The doctor told my parents it was the effect of playing hockey in the previous year which yang sy ingat sy pernah jatuh yang teruk masa main hoki and not to mention jatuh tangga yang banyak kali masa zaman sekolah menengah sy. So, maybe masa tuh adalah waktu untuk sakit tuh datang balik. Sy yang hanya menurut perintah nih, buat je la apa yang disuruh. :)

Semalam, masa sy tengah baring2 baca buku, and tibe2 handset sy berbunyi. And bila sy try nak reach handset tuh kat atas meja, my backpain datang balik. Agak sakit sampai sy give up untuk amek handset tuh and biar kan die berbunyi banyak kali.

Slowly, the pain was gone and I hope it won't come back. Apparently, this morning, when I woke up for my Subuh prayer, the pain was all there. Sakit tapi sy tetap cuba untuk bangun semula.

I was thinking to tell my parents about it. Tapi, sy rasa sy taknak buatkan parents sy risaukan sy. So, I just kept quiet.

Am i doing the right thing?


I guess I still can deal with the pain after all.

With love,

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