Mommy's instinct

I've waited the whole day to post this entry. Well, here i am.

Have you heard about Mom's instinct?
Of cos la penah kan. ;)

Sometimes it takes me some guts to tell Mak all my problems. Sometimes I felt that no need for her to know everything. Because I don't want to bother her with my stupid problems.

So, what did I do? I just kept it to myself.

*deep sigh*

In a way to solve my problems, I asked my friends what should I do and asked them to lend me their wise advised and opinions.

But, since Mak is the best Mommy in the world (Im sure that you'll admit your mom the best Mommy jugak kan? Hehe) she will know or have a feeling of what had happened to me whenever I've got into troubles.

For example, like today. She called me and tell me about how adorable Queen is, and we laughed and so on. Out of nowhere :

"Hmm, ko fikir ko gelak2 dengan kawan ko tuh mak tak tau ko tengah sedih?"

I was like, "Oh My God!". Cmane boleh kantoi? And suddenly I started to cry. As always. :)

She talked to me like she knew everything. All the guesses were all right. I started to tell her what I felt and asked her whether should I feel guilty about that.

I was amazed by how she managed to understand me so well. Well, she's the one who gave birth to me after all.

She asked me why I didn't tell her earlier and she kept on saying that no wonder she can feel that I was in a conflict.

She consoled me with her warmest thought. I still keep on silence. The tears won't stop. And I never know why.


Somehow, I felt that I've already committed a bad-bad-bad things. Rasa macam berdosa besar dengan diri sendiri. And I can't understand why should I felt that way.


As I entered the cafe, Noi (my classmate) asked me,

"Nape menangis nih?"

Allim (my other classmate a.k.a Noi's bf),

"Takpe, kite baca blog die malam nih."

Terus rasa tak sedih da. Haha. Boleh plak camtuh bro! ;)


I did something that I shouldn't do at the first place. Now, I'm lost.
Why should I?


Take care!

With love,

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