It takes a while!

It takes a while to realise how beautiful my life could be. ;)

Even I don't have enough money to shop. Which is I always wish to have it. Hehe
Or maybe even I don't have someone to cradle me on.
I realised that my life is so much beautiful than I ever had.

I have a lovely family to rely on. Who loves me as much as I love them.
My border-less love is only for them.

I have such a wonderful friends who can share my laugh and my sadness.
Being there whenever I need them.

Sometimes I was too forgetful to remember that I have whatever I want for time being.
I have them : Family and Friends.
I was also too forgetful to be such a grateful person.
And no need to ask for more.
Because MORE may hurt u so much.

Thanks Allah. ;)

This is my 1st post for 2010.

Have a nice day. :)

With love,

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