new resolution

At first, sy nak change layout untuk blog nih on 1st January 2010.
Hehe. ;)
But, since I dunno what will happen in the future (on the 1st January to be exact), I've changed it today. So, what do you think?
I picked blue colour. Something new for me.
Well, no harm to try right?

Ok. I have new resolutions for next year.
Especially for next semester. Haha.
Actually, this is the 1st time I did this resolution thingy. Hehe.
So, you have to bear in mind this thing maybe boleh x jadi.

I want to score better for my next semester results. (Have to!)
I want to be more punctual. (Ok u, u tengok i jadi punctual next semester? Haha)
I don't want to be a spendthrift person. (This is for sure. Huhu)
I have to own a DSLR. (I wish i have a DSLR for my birthday present. Haha. My dearest brother and sisters, could i have one? Ngeee~)
I want to be a good person. Oh! A better person. (Don't have to describe this one)

What do you think?
With my new layout,
i have a new spirit for this becoming new year-2010.

Make your wish everybody!!!!!!!!!!


With love,

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