2009 - The End.

2010 : 7 hours to go.
2009 : about to end.

I have revised few things that had happened to me throughout 2009. Some of them are the good things while some of them are not. Well, that's why we called all of this LIFE right? ;)

Im going to make this entry such a quick entry. Im in Shah Alam and im about to clean up my stuff and unpack a few things that I brought from Melaka. So, i can't live with this messiness any longer. Sigh

Still, I want to post an entry. Such a typical blogger. Haha. ;)

Ok. Let me start with the GREAT AND MEMORABLE things that had happened to me throughout 2009 :

- Queen was born in February.
- further my degree in Shah Alam.
- went to Jakarta.
- got a new digital camera for my birthday. Hehe. ;)
- got a new laptop a.k.a Johnny.
- my 1st attempt to bake a cheese cake was successful.
- my 1st attempt to bake cuppies was also extremely successfully.
- my 1st attempt to make bolognese was also great. Hehe.
- got 2 official offers to study abroad (in US and Aussie).
- got the best Raya trip ever. (Batch 0004) :D
- visited Abg Ngah in Sarawak. Since this is the first time i came to Borneo. Hehe.
- went to my graduation day. Im enjoying it actually. :)

The BAD AND WORSE things that had happened to me in 2009 :

- someone left.
- admitted in the hospital because of dengue fever.
- fell at Sime Darby Convention Center before interview. Haha. Damn embarrassing.
- my parents was admitted in the hospital. BOTH.
- Ayah got into an accident. Worse.
- my car was involved in Hit and Run thingy. Sucks.
- got into 2 accidents. Hehe. ;P

Actually, there are a lot more of good and bad things that happened to me. But, i just can't remember it right now. Haha.

Somehow, no matter how good or bad thing it was, i just loved it since it makes my life more meaningful and taught me how to appreciate my life more than i ever did. ;)

Happy New Year to all of u. May u have a great one! ;)
And sorry for everything. ;) Pakcik Kery, sorry ye. Haha.

2010 : here it comes. ;)

With love,

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