she's only 5!

It's 2.30am. Let me tell you my story. ;)

I love kids. Babies especially. Huhu.
But maybe im not good enough with them. Considering that im the youngest in my family. :)
Since Queen and Danish came into my life, i think i improve 70% of my skills with kids.
I think i have became a good Mummy and a good sister. Tambah naluri kewanitaan aku. Haha. Give me bucket pls. Nak muntah! haha. ;p

But, well....
I have a cousin which i consider her as my kid-sis, Nabilah.
She's my playmate, my war-mate, after my second sis, Kakak.
Anyway, i still love both of them. ;)
Good luck in SPM, Nabil! :P

Eh, this is not what i want to talk about. :)

Ok guys.

I browsed the internet and i found that a 11 years old girl from Bulgaria had gave birth to a baby.
11 years old ok? :P
At this age, i still play with my Mastermind i guess. ;p Begging my dad to buy a huuuuuuuuuge Garfield for my birthday. Main basikal dengan Husmi. ;p
And for this girl? Da ade anak da pon. Hehe. ;)

So i 'google-ing' from the internet "The Youngest Mother in The World".
I was soooo suprised!

The youngest mother in the world was Lina Medina, from Peru.
She became a mother at the age of 5 years old! Huhu. If korang da tau pasal nih, abaikan je la budak yang tengah semangat baru nak tau nih eh? Hehe.

For God's Sake! I was shocked!
5 years old! Sangat terkejut ok. Huhu.
Aku pon cepat2 msg Kamal konon2 nak berlagak tau, rupe2nye die lagi awal tau. Huh! X suke la kamu nih. :(

Nanti korang search la nama Lina Medina if korang nak tau. Sebab sy da close link die. Huhu.
Sorry rakan2. ;p
But i can tell you a little bit bout this little girl. :)

From what i've found, she had her menstrual period at the age of 8 MONTHS ok! huhu. Besar2 Queen je. Huhu. ;p
Then, at the age of 3 years old, the breasts had developed and da ade da rambut2 kat tempat yang berkenaan. Huhu. ;p I wonder how fast the hormone had developed. Huhu.
When she was 5 years old, the parents brought her to the clinic as they assumed that their kid nih ade ketumbuhan kot dalam perut.
Then, the doctors asked them to bring Lina to the hospital and a month later she gave birth to a little boy. Huhu. ;p
How ironic is it? Umur 5 tahun da ade anak. Huhu.
And this girl kept a secret who's the father of her son. At the age of 10 years old, her son discover lak girl yang umur 15tahun yang die ingat kakak die, rupe2nya his mother. Huhu. ;p

I was thinking, what was i doing at the age of 5 years old. Huhu.
Oh! Sy da masuk tadika mase tuh. Maen masak2. Hehe. ;)
And as for that Bulgarian girl tuh plak, i still wonder macamane still ade mentality parents to let their daughter to marry at the age of 11 years old. Huhu.
Well maybe there is an answer for that :



I should be thankful for whatever i have right now.
Memang la before this sy cakap nak kawen, nak kawen, bila penat belajar. Sindrom nih akan berlaku lebih hebat bila masa exam weeks. Haha. ;)
But, takde la sampai umur 11 tahun da pk nak kawen. Haha.

Ok guys. That's all cerita sy. Excited je lebey nak cite tuh tadi. Huhu. ;)


p/s : aku da involve dlm argument pasal budak kecik kahwin awal. haha. tolong2! kamu wiki everythin dat i've said? cheh!

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