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Tomorrow is the last day of my final exam this semester.
And im going to face 4 horror-questions from that subject. :((

I've started study this subject since 10am this morning. Struggling and forcing me-myself to face this subject.
I did not attend this class for a month because i was sick. I was admitted in the hospital and got a high fever for a long time. Haih.
So, what can u expect? How am i going to understand this subject.
Plus, the lecturer was soooooooo - mmm, what can i say. *sigh again*
I don't like the lecturer. I can't understand what she's talking/bubbling all this while.
Macam ajar sorang2 je kat depan.

Stress nak jawab paper nih!

I don't expect for an A. I wish i could pass this paper. Huhu.

No flying colours for me this semester. *sigh again*

*pray for me*

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