day out

Kak long : Meow, jom gi bawak Queen pegi jalan2.
Me : Adeh, malas nye.
Kak long : Malas x pe la.
Me : Huh! Buat ayat sedih. Jom2. ;)

I grabbed my purse and my camera since I've planned to bring Queen to the beach.
It's already 6pm and luckily the weather was good.

So, here we are.
Playing with Queen at the beach.

By the way,
Meow's weight is only 35kg. I mean it. 35kg!!!
Sangat tertekan kakak ku yang anak satu bleh berat 35kg! ;)

Queen was being so nice and cool this evening.
Huh! Once in a blue moon laa. ;p

Have a nice day!! ;)

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