Rumah sy =D

This whole evening, I've been trying to finish up my Geotech's project. Huhu. :(
I only take a nap bout 5 mins and continued my work. And of cos the situation happened again and again. Haha!
At last, around 6pm, I left my laptop and straightly went to my bed and slept beside Waniey and her books. :)
However, around 6.30pm, I found myself can't sleep anymore and decided to take a shower instead of forcing myself to sleep again. =D
After I did my ritual routine, I look at my bed and started to think when is the last time I changed my bedsheet. Haha.
Baru 3weeks x tuka ok. :)
I opened up my cabinet and took out a new bedsheet and started to change the old-y into a new-y. :) Hehe. :)

I looked up at Waniey's bed. And I looked at my surrounding.
The only thing that I've noticed is there were laptops and books all over the house.
Since everybody seems to be sooo busy lately, there is no time for us to clean up the house.
Except Ira ade kemas last weekend and the house looks great. :)
But, end up rumah sy da start bersepah balik. Haha! =D
Books are everywhere, on the bed, on the floor, on the table, just everywhere. :)
Laptops are scattered all over the house, in front of the tv, on the bed, besides the bed, on the dining table, also, EVERYWHERE. Haha! :)

So, I expect it could be a lot worse during the exam weeks. Haha. :)

Haha! I'll upload my house condition during the exam weeks ok!
Now, im staaaaaaaaaaarving!!!! =((
Tschuss~~ (bye in Germany :D )

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