My Sister's Keeper, Pg 279:

......And when I have spilled all my secrets, I take a deep breath and realize that I have been talking for an hour straight. "Oh my God," I say. "I can't believe I've wasted so much of your time."
"It wasn't a waste," Donna replies. "And besides, my shift ended a half hour ago."
My cheeks flame. "You ought to go. I'm sure you have somewhere else you'd much rather be."
But instead of leaving, Donna folds me into her ample arms. "Honey," she says, "don't we all?"

tuh ayat favourite sy whenever sy bace that book. sy nak beli buku baru tapi x terbeli lagi. huhu.
why i love that sentences? tah la. sy pon x sure sebenarnye. haha. but somehow it makes me think of my family and friends.
even dieorang busy dengan watever they are doing, whenever i got a problem, they'll be there for me.
it makes me to think waktu early of this year.

thanks to my family : ayah, mak, induk, kak long, kakak, nabilah. sume orang layan je ape sy wat waktu tension dulu. my borderless love sume untuk mereka! :D

thanks to all my friends : lea, waniey, acheng, cuda, sal, anis, rose, yuyu, imi, zaki, afiq, zek, chi2, bella, kak una, kak sue, kerol, and classmates yg sangat happening. C-11 yang always by my side gak. :) sume2 kawan2 Jengka sy sangat helpful. appreciate whatever all of u did for me. :))


sy ade LOADS of kawan yg lagi best! yg boleh buat sy gelak+nanges hari2 nye. hehe :)

sy ade ira, han, alun, apin, ain, wan, ela, and classmates baru sy yang best jugak! :D

so, im blessed to have them around me. :)

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