break fast with BFFs

last weekend i spent the whole weekend for my friends.
sblm nih da spend ngan family and dis week pon nak spend ngan family.
so i've been thinking last week was for my friends laa..

-break fast with Acheng, Cuda, Lea, Rose, Atek, Chad, Hasbi 'Rabbi', Ziema at Murni SS2.
-REALLY have a great time! sangat seronok kot. :))


-i was sitting for Cons. Technology Test.

-spend some time with Kak long and Queen


-Went to Mutiara Damansara with Kamal to watch Final Destination and buy some clothes.

-Back to Shah Alam at 5pm and went to Bazar Sek 13 to accompany Cuda and Lea to buy some food.

-Went to Cineleisure to watch Final Destination 3D wth Cuda, Lea and Imi. (again! haha)

overall, i really had a great weekend. spend some times with my friends eventhough quite homesick last week. haha :))

my advice : LOVE YOUR FRIENDS!! :D

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