i was thinking of unnecessary things right now.
maybe i was tired. couldn't concentrate of what i am doing right now.

sy pegi tengok movie at JJ Bukit Raja and searching for a new flip-flop. tapi seliper kat Padini Bukit Raja x best :(
then, lapa sebab 1 hari x makan.
around 9pm makan kat Station Kopitiam.
arguing with Kamal about a lot of things. adeh!
kamu should be a lawyer. not an engineer. huh!
somehow i stucked in the so called asap rokok!
uhuk, uhuk.
lepak2 ngan Han and Ira for a while.
masuk bilik and starting 'muka buku-ing'. hehe :)

Ym with Nizam and told him bout raya thing.
x sempat nak jalan2 raya with him. next time ye :)
Kemas2 katil and 'googling' pasal cast in-situ concrete.
Find baju kurung yg nak pakai esok untuk di-iron kan. haha :D
doing the assignments. :(

submit my assignment for Construction Technology.
and maybe i will :
bake the cheese cake. or maybe caramel. dunno yet.
visiting my dearest niece, Queen at kak long's.
visiting Induk who's going to come back home from Denmark!

and i also thinking nak ajak Allim and the geng gi William. haha.

taken by Nabilah at Pyramid :) haha.



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