what am i supposed to say~~

what am i supposed to say when someone asked me
"Hey u! Lama gile x jumpe. Mane kawan u dulu?"
apparently, i've been experienced this few days ago.
it seems i just want to scream "WHAT A DAY~~"

day by day, i think my life is getting better.
seriously. hard to believe kan.
maybe sebab i have seen people yang lebih suffer and sakit hati than me kot.
contoh yang terdekat my bff, Belle.

well, life is great. it's not the end of the world if u've lost someone.
Best friend especially.
thinking that u have spent a lot of times with that person, u have shared everything.

alaa, as sume org cakap "Kawan bile2 bleh carik"
maybe the word friendship really meant something to me.
as sy susah nak buat kawan baik. seriously.

i may be talkative and easy going with people, but i only trusted a few persons.
i guess korang pon macam tuh kan.

i have my girls, my bestfriends (in UiTM) and the important is my family.
they gave me strength and a lot of happiness.
not that i don't happiness in the past. I DID.
but, to create the kind of happiness when u are in deeply sadness, i must say it's totally HARD.

here i am. trying to be the new ME.
i must say that i am happy with life.
i have great persons surround me, enough money to eat and shop, and i LOVE to study right now.
I HAVE TO LOVE my studies. hahaha.

everything is going well.
and i hope this will maintain.
not that sy da totally lupa the past. but, i have to move on aite?
like Farhan never told me to do so. haha.
thanks dude~ :)

so, again. i must say Thanks to you. hehe.
because after all this while, maybe it was all my fault.
i can't blame u.

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