home SWEET home :D

i just came back from Miri last night.
penat, but i missed Danish already.
huhuhu :(
mummy rindu sama kamu Danish! :'((

i'm planning on going back to Shah Alam tomorrow morning.
helping Anis with the registration.

i've got a few complaints from my friends these past few days.

1. "babe, nape u da senyap sekarang?"
-it's not that i senyap. but then, i dunno what can make me feels happy. huhu. searching for that. :)

2. "lambat nye reply msg. ko dapat x msg aku td?"
-sy ade masalah dengan diri sy sekarang. handset tuh the last thing yang sy fikir bile sy ade kat umah or even keluar. so if ade any messages yang lambat di reply or x layan langsung, sorry la ye.

3. "la, x best la. nape macam xde feed back je aku cite nih..."
-hehe. that was a complaint from my friend back in school. :))

they said i don't fun and easy going anymore. huhu. before nih bukan macam nih ke? :D

sy rase sy just miss something


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