fairy tale

hehe. actually, the title has nothing to do with what i am going to say. i mean write.

i dunno what im going to say is right or wrong. but, at least i have got to spill it out loud.
maafkan sy merepek sebab sy tengah xde keje. haha.

ok. i used to have a bestfriend. seriously bestfriend. close enough. i was the story teller to him after all. haha. it was fun though. instead of the girls and my other close friends in UiTM, he knows 90% everything about me. yeah. we have known each other for about 4 years. lame kan?? i know. i know.

one thing, i would love to have him around because he completed me. yeah. as a bestfriend to me, whenever i did any mistakes he'd asked me to do the proper thing. and vice versa. i also did the same thing to him. i still remember what he told me once before. i quite pissed off with a Kakak at Mid valley ticket counter. i told him i had a lil bit fight with that 'Kerek Kakak'. huh! then he told me:

"tak baik kan buat macam tuh aliaa. u cakap la elok2 dengan kakak tuh"
kena mara. see!
other things:
"aliaa, jangan buat macam nih. duduk elok2"
"aliaa, dont't do this...don't do that"
"aliaa, behave."
see! banyak kena mara. huhu.
uhuhuhu. terdiam sekejap. kena marah :( well, u see! it's one of the good thing and the way he completed me. Oh yeah, i still remember when he did not be able to pursue his degree last year, he was so depressed and kinda gave up with the application, i've helped him and motivated him and forced him to do sooo much thing. see! that's the other way we've completed each other. :)
i don't know why im pulling myself to write this up. sangat merepek sebenarnya. but then, maybe because i missed him lately. during my birthday. my convocation. i missed to tell him how much i spent in Jakarta. hahahaha! i missed to tell him how i do badly in my exam. i missed to tell him how i fell from the stairs. haha. i missed to fight or argue with him. i missed a lot of things because he's..........
i lost my bestfriend. he's gone. i know he won't coming back. he just..................gone.

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