urgh!!im sorry!

im being an idiot person. haha! i know. i know.
damn it. i've forgotten my bestfriend's birthday!!! OMG! how come i completely forgotten about it.

her birthday was on 11th May and i only realized it today okeyh! 15th May.

seriously sorry babe. i'll give you special birthday prezzie for dis year. i promised! hehe.
seriously dun wish the charles and keith from me laa. haha.

haih. nih sume keje nih nye pasal. hari2 gi keje awal2 pagi. kul 6 da gerak from shah alam. sampai ofis 7.30, siap leh tido dalam kete lagi sementara nak masuk keje kul 9. :D well, that's my life for this semester break. huhu. gile kan? i know. i know.

semalam jam gile kat federal. sy kua ofis kul 7 pon x ok lagi sebab hujan. selalu x la jam macam tuh. siap leh cakap fon ngan ramai org lagi. haha. mule2 call mak (my routine), msg2 ngan Sal, n lastly cakap dgn my fren since he got something to tell me about the past. which is really makes me missed the gud old days badly. :(

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