#18- my interview session!

Last Thursday I went to sime darby convention center for a scholarship interview. It was the first session of the interview and the next interview will be held at legend hotel kl. The interview was quite fun(haha) since I dun have to meet the panels at all. The first session only for IQ and ability test. My bestfren, Lea did asked me yesterday why is there so many session before we can get the scholarship. Haha

Lea: nape xpayah jumpe panel kan?
Me: sebab untuk semalam tuh iq dgn ability test je.
Lea: bistuh nape xde panel?
Me: die kena la screening dlu sape yg iq tinggi or x. haha. So that nanti xde la GM dlm panel tuh kne interview org bengong cm aku nih.
Lea: a’ah la
Me: oit, ko ngaku la aku bengong???

haha. but i really do believe the chances for me to get the scholarship sangat la rendah. haha. why? because the rest of the candidates sangat hebat gak kot. but then, i still feel so lucky because out of more than 2000 applicants, about 230 that has been selected. and i was among the rest 230 tuh. haha.

from right (yg duduk): ifa, fiza and me

(behind us): vicky, atiqah

roti nih best gak :P

the best part of the exhausting interview session was lunch time. you just have to imagine how the lunch is looked like when they have to spend RM65/head for all of us. haha. the restaurant and the food were both great. haha. as my desire to eat is out of control right now (hahaha!), i ate a lot!! really! hehe.
but there's also a secret that had happened to me before the interview session. hahaha! syyhh!!



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