future-to-be convocation day!

haha. i was watching the tv just now while mak bagitau baju convo da siap. hehe. oh ya! sambil membebel gak baju tuh mahal. she told me that baju convo tuh je da cost kan 1 month nye allowance. haha. abes duit allowance aku for a month. xpe2. anggap je la investment ye mak?
i was planning to have a vacation with my family. and luckily my convocation day tuh 3rd june! yay! bleh pegi jalan2. then, 4th june tuh kami pegi jaaaaaaaaaaaaalan! :D
p/s: birthday sy 1st june. sape nak bagi sy mende2 nih. kira wishlist sy! haha.
1) Olympus digital camera.
2) Guess handbag. *wink,wink*
3) ade satu dress kat MNG. ini murah je tau!
4) oh ya! ade satu MNG jeans gak.
see! semua x costly tau! haha. oh ya. except for the digital camera. :D

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