#20-i used to know you

terpakse tolak troli la tuh. haha. :P

title kat atas tuh sy pinjam from farhan. hehe. tetibe malam nih xleh tido lak. maybe penat bru balik dr tesco td. (macam kat pic kat atas tuh. comel kn ayah? haha) or maybe conversation between my mom and me da distracted my mind. i dunno. hmmm..

my mom told me that i dun have faith in myself. actually, sume nih tetibe di bincangkan balik lepas i kept all my certificates in the drawer.

mak: nape simpan sume sijil tuh?nanti if ade ape2 interview lagi xpayah la mak dtg shah alam anta kan.
me: xde la. xpe la. da xde interview lagi kot. hehe
mak: nape lak?
me: alaa..da rase sangat da mmg susah nak dapat scholarship tuh.

then, bermula sesi bebelan and nasihat from my mom. huhu. tah la. xtau la nape tapi mmg slalu rase mcm tuh. *sigh*

i used to have a bestfriend. really. a bestfriend. was. cam stress kan sangat x word was tuh? haha. we used to know each other for almost five years. and die pegi sebab some non-actual reason. huhu. actually, tibe2 malam nih teringat balik sebab this thing la. mmg la hari2 teringat, tapi today tibe2 sangat terase sy xde die lagi.

die was kawan sy yang sangat baik and rapat dgn sy. even my other bestfriends yang lain tgk pon cm da tau da sangat sy and die. there are a lot of things yang die ade:

- die sangat saba dengan perangai sy. mmg every time we fought pon mostly sy yang start
-die tau ape yang sy nak. kdg2 knal sy lebih dr sy knal diri sy sendiri
- die xpenah mengeluh if saye bising2 untuk ape2. sebab die cakap sy mmg miong. :P
- for this particular topic. die complete kan sy. and sometimes we completed each other.

kadang2 bile sy rase sy xnak buat a particular thing eventhough it is an important thing, die akan suruh sy buat gak. die remind kan sy how the thing is important to me. die banyak remind kan sy what exactly that i should do. if i did a mistake, die akan tegur sy so that sy xkan buat mende yang same again. tapi, selalu je degil. and i always did the same thing mcm die wat. that is why sy cakap we completed each other.
if people did ask me why i did all of this, i don't know what i should say. sad? i don't think so. farhan told me that there is no point untuk sy sedih2. sebab sy akan sedih for nothing. if die happy2, and sy sedih2 xguna gak. :) it just sy teringat je after have that conversation with my mom. even die xde dgn sy, sy ade ramai org surrounds me. i prayed to Allah for giving me some guidance so that i can complete my own self. i can stand by my own.

buku2 nih sy bace waktu sy sedih jap arituh. hehe. ade lagi satu. tapi xingat kat mane.


p/s: sy pon sendiri pelik nape tibe2 nak teringat. haha. :D

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