the partner

if anyone noticed, recently i've added a brand-new blog. but i've deleted it. cos of something that i don't like to share about. :

maybe i like to think much. but i hate not to think at all. when you're have fun with someone and suddenly he/she said u don't have to do this and that becos someone might get offense, what will you feel? i think it's better for you he/she not to ask you out at all. so that you might not get offense or vice versa. see?

so i think after this i don't want to go out with him/her at all. easier for you and that someone. and for me also. so that i may not deleted my another latest post right? huhu.

i got tooo laaazy to get up from my bed. my fever makes me so laaazzy and it got so much worse. oh! forgot! i have to buy something for the graduation's day psent.

bangun farah aliaa! :D ok folks! got to go.

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