the freedom.

not a big word to me.

i da boleh hang out ngan my friends since i was in form 1. most of my friends are forbidden to do so. i can drive on my own to register for the new semester at Jengka when my other friend cannot do so.

i can hang out till midnight, lepak mamak malam2 or even pegi wat photo shoot malam2 kat mane2. nobody will mad at me (except bebel je :P well, normal la tuh kan)

i may sleep over at my friend's house. (but this part i rase i nak tinggalkan. haha. sebab i sendiri malas nak sleep over kat rumah org) YET, still i can. :P

i can go for a holiday jauh2 with my friends. once, i went to Langkawi and Terengganu with them. i can do anything on my own. i even have planned to go abroad with my BFF, Y later.

i can sleep over with my friends at a hotel and have Girls' Day-out. while some of them cannot do so.

but, with this 'license' i am afraid to overdone with it. because no matter how OK my parents with what i want or what i do, i'll bring along their trust wherever i go. easy to get hard to keep.

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