i just adore them!

if ade orang tanye kat i how it feels to have so many 'coolest' people surrounds me, i'll say it's AESOME. hehe. seriously, u should try it! :D anyway, i think i da cakap bout this in my friendster blog bout my BFF, B describing us in her page. sampai sedih lak nk bace. hahaha! (that is the normal me :D) anyway, i will ingat die sampai mati (except when i m died my brain's cells will stop gak. ahahaa)

ok. since i was in MOZAC i have really great friends. thanks God sebab xpenah rase susah carik kawan yang baek cam certain ppl. maybe it's my luck. :) male-to-female friends -> semua same je. gile2 (my sis have told me that all my friends dieorang nye otak da crack. hahaha! yes, they are.) nice jugak (certain times for the boys) and so on. too many things we did together. :) then, when i went to UiTM Jengka, again, jumpe lagi kawan2 yang sangat best and nice. usually, i don't write their fullname in this blog. sebab banyak sangat. so penat nak taip. :P

i know, i know. gedik gile kan my pic! syyhh! :D

dinner pre-grad (kuantan)

oh ya! that one is my friends in UiTM. since, i always cerite psl kesygnku in MOZAC, now i'd like to tell you bout them. :D all of them (excluded me. hahaha!) love to make stupid jokes. ade sekali tuh, da akhir2 nak abis nih la, my friends and i lepak2 kat MRAN TOMYAM tempat yang kiteorg agak bleh layan makan gak kat situ. :D we laugh until everybody in the restaurant turn around and look at us. credit to A-f and Z who love to make stupid jokes. hahaha! we just sat there, chat and laugh. it was quite memorable tho'. i'll remember it. and now, we're goin to further studies in shah alam. we'll see how it goes. :P

owh, forgot! this one i don't to classify kan how we started. haha. sorry comot. nasib x lupe kat u. i don't met him in MOZAC or even in UiTM. i knew him after MOZAC and before entered the UiTM. haha. still, almost 4 years i've known him. different from the others. sangat pendiam and the most important thing laen la dari kanak2 laen yang i knal. haha. i don't know how we can last this past 3 years. :P sangat comot kanak2 ini. :D and kanak2 ini xde gamba nye. haha!

everybody in this list have different personality. so, i have to accept them dengan seadenye. not accept them by what they have. if you did, it just make you the worse person ever. trust me:)

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