happy mode :D

baby danish tgh tdo :D

happy mode :) i baru dapat nephew!!!damn comel-- :P excited gle ade danish skarang. sangat best. actually, danish is my bro's son. so cute. semalam waktu hang out with my girls, i sempat gi beli baju baby. comel sguh. waaa!!! :D today, we're going to visit danish kat jelai. cute!

last friday sgt best sebab i just got my new nephew and i also hang out with my girls. damn fun! :D kiteorg stay kat apartmnt kat king's hotel which is sangat besar untuk kiteorg 7 org. happy sangat sebab da lame x stay mcm tuh since reunion hari tuh and since sekolah specically. :) mlm tuh kiteorg jalan2 and makan kat jonker walk. the first time ever-even i nih org melaka. hahahaha! so xkesah la. at least penah pegi sane. org tanye da ade jwapan. hehe! we got back to the apartment around 1 a.m. then i am too tired to stay awake sebab mlm before tuh tido kul 5 a.m sebab tunggu my sis-in-law bersalin kat hospital. C-h, L, A-c and C bjage malam tuh sebab nak tgk movie. (which is actually they also make me to stay awake sbb dieorg psg speaker laptop tuh sangat la kuat! :D) really miss the moment.

the crazy girls--hahaha!

me and acud :)

we seems have a lot of funs aite?yes we are..hehehe.. :D ok folks! i gotta go. see ya!

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