farah-the second

huhu. i just deleted 2 blogs of mine. feels like it is not appropriate to publish. haha! semalam, me and my friends have a dinner in J town. (erk?haha) sangat bising sampai makcik2 n pakcik2 kat keliling kiteorang pandang slack. hehe. :D sngat mara! semua org da nk balik! kiteorg je x abes lagi!! huwaa! :'(

Fyi, i started to write dis blog thing few months ago. but back then, i don't feel to publish it. :) now, i wonder why i started to open it to the public. everybody, welcome to my blog! yeah! hahaha-- should i tell you guys bout myself?hurmm--i don't know how to describe myself. you can ask my friends about me. they might know bout me. :D i am a simple girl with a big dreams. (so not me, right now. haha!) i am listening to mawi's songs right now. bukan peminat die! but i m using milah's laptop jap. nana bg free internet credit. yay-yay! :D degree's results will come up this week. just not ready utk tengok lagi. :D

i am such a good pretender. actually, few things yang tengah pk kan nih. tengah sedih sebenarnye. tp xleh nak cakap sbb it will cause F hateness. damn it! huhu. :( da la nak abes sem nih. nak study design steel xde mood lak sekarang nih. my friends tgh stalk org yang nak blk. sengal--haha!

nak jalan2!

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