result da kua last nite. me?too afraid to face it. silly me. cm ade rase takot yg paper structure tuh fail. n at last. . . . ALHAMDULILLAH~~pass with flying colours. hehe! :P well better than what i've expected. smlm punye la gado ngn mak tkot nk tgk result:

m: g la tgk results..
me: xnk laa..bia laa die
m: cpt laa.. kang mak xsedap ati nk g (since she'll be goin to jakarta :D)
me: hahahaha!ade kaitan ke???

the thing is maybe i have no guts to face it. a lot of thought that jz come up in my mind. 'what if i fail?' n sort of things. F said to me:

f: i doakn better u gi check result
me: i takot
f: nak takot pe nye..results tuh mmg da kua pon xleh nk wtpe lg..

so here i am. bgn2 pagi trus gi check result. (since dis thing makes me couldn't sleep :P) i've been thinking bout that aussie things. maybe i'm not ready yet. but somehow rase nak pegi tuh sgt membuak-buak. hahaha! i asked F to take the test with me, but seems die sgt sedih sbb sume kwn2 die dpat DL. dude, u better take it as a lesson k. jgn nak sedih2...n bile die da sedih he said just forget it. mybe he'll go to aussie 4 master. sape nk teman i nanti???????!! huwaa! :D

ok. tutup cite pasal results. now i'm goin to tell u somethin. last nite my brother called from Miri. die baru nk wish my bday since die baru blik from offshore. he told my mom there's a mini strike there cos of this whole minyak thing. cbe la bayangkn ok. by the end of this year, sangat2 berkemungkinan yg harge minyak naik lagi! WTF! yesterday i went out with my parents. since minyak tuh da smpi bg signal nak abis kiteorg pon isi laa. normally for rm50 bar tuh bleh exceed half tank. tp smlm just 3/4 tok ke half tank. u see!!now for my dad's car there'll be rm150++ to full tank. pastuh itu yg dieorg ckp minyak nak naik lagi. gile ke hape kerajaan nih! huhu. sori pak lah. tp u BETTER think 'bout it.

minyak cm nadi to everything laa. let's say bile harge minyak naik, automatically harge barang, hell mahal laa! ye laa, nk kire kos hantar lg, kos minyak lg. what happen to us? yg ade pendapatan average. (not me laa.. i mean my parents.. :D) tuh blom kire org yg susah yg hanye pk they have to fed their childrens. poor them! try to think about us. sume menteri2 nih if naik harge xpe laa. bcos they have their 5 to 6 figure salary. they can cut off their wives spa expenses untuk beli makanan. yg tuk org lain nih? nk cut off pe nye. nk tutup sini, sane kene bayr. seems xde solution

haih!!what will happen to us (young generation) in another 7 years?we have to change this situation! (ye, smangat patriotik sy suda smpi! hahaha!)

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